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Neor — development and maintenance of sensitive sites, internet solutions for business.
About Neor:
Our team started its work in 2003 under the brand name studio. In 2007 started the brand Neor. For 5 years, created about 100 sites and e-shops, and other design work.
Since 2008, the company received the status of the partner of several major IT vendors: 1C-Bitrix, Microsoft.
In 2008, open area of hosting Neorex.
Outsourcing web projects (E-Commerce, Sites...):
— Back-end: PHP
— Front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
— Databases: MySQL, Memcache
We made own unicode CMS (NeorCMS) which more simple for users. Suit for simple sites or e-catalogs. Also we use Bitrix and PrestaShop CMS for e-shops.
We use platforms: NeorCMS, Bitrix, PrestaShop, Wordpress, PhpBB.
Outsourcing app development:
— Cross-platfom OS: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
— App platform: Qt
— Localization: Multilingual
— User interface: GUI, console
— Distribution: Windows installer, Mac OS X packet, Ubuntu packet
App example Neor Profile SQL.
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